T-spot Design, Wayward and Bad Kats @ the RFL Home and Garden Expo

So this Friday the RFL Home and Garden Expo starts and runs until June 4th. There is many sims full of home and garden items for you to purchase. Come on over support RFL and the great exhibitors who at supporting this event!

T-Spot Designs and Sweet Sorrows have this lovely display surround by an elegant fence. As you can see the trees, plants and builds are very enchanting and will make a lovely addition to your home. Come have a look at their display here or go to T-Spot Designs here.
Wayward Designs offer Glitter Glass Gazebo on a raised deck, Forest with an Enchanting oasis to relax with friends, A magical Cave and a huge willow tree with chairs to relax in. They have 3 items for donations. 2 planters and a matching chair at only 100L each

Wayward Designs is lucky to have not 1 but 2 high quality Full Perm stores beside them. T-spot Designs and Bad Kats. Bad Kats also has lovely plants and components for building. Even a sleeping bear and turtle that I could not resist purchasing.

As you can see The Home and Garden Expo has a lot to offer. Their is an amazing couple of builds behind Wayward and Bad Kats you will want to check out. Come on down and explore and I advise bring a full wallet as there is much on offer here!


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