::Pharmacist:: gots some hot items for you!

::Pharmacist:: has some amazing items for you for The Grab Event and The Darkness. These appliers and shoes will make you feel seductive and naughty but you could also add them to other outfits to put some spark in your look. Being appliers they wont compete for mesh space.
The fatpacks come with a hud so you can switch out between 8 colors.
 ::Pharmacist:: Graveyard Stroll comes with hud with 8 color choices for top and bottom!
Available at The Grab Event!
::Pharmacist:: Anca Harness
::Pharmacist:: EvE Latex
Available at The Darkness monthly event.

 ::Pharmacist:: Amara Underpants
Available at The Grab Event!

Hair:  [e] Nura Eden and Arrabella
Make-up: Lipstick also from Amara


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