SLACKGIRL is one of the best cosmetics company in SL! The variety and quality of products is impressive! What's more if you join the group for a mere 100L, you get an assortment of group gifts and more keep coming all the time!

I picked up this awesome Stella eyeshadow at the Cosmetic Fair. This shadow is perfect for adding a sparkle to complete an outfit! They are also featured in the subscription box Powder Pack. I loved the eyeshadow and tooth piercing!
::SG:: Priscilla lips Group Gift! - SlackGirl 
Here is a close up of tooth piercing!

Pick up the April powder pack for 3000Lif you want these! Sign up for May to get next box for 1500L Go here to find out more!

I was curious about what else they had so I head over to their main store and to my delight I found a bunch of group gifts. There was fun items like kitty and bunny faces, hearts and freckles plus regular make ups. Here are a few photos.
 ::SG:: Heart Cheek SLACKGIRL
::SG:: B.MINE Valentin Gift
 ::SG:: Group Gift HARLEY SlackGirl

::SG:: D.Gems Group Gift by SlackGirl
Then I found this amazing tattoo shadow that is perfect for a fun RP look.

 ::SG:: Irina Shadow for Catwa & Classic AV

But don't just take my word for it. Head on down to SLACKGIRL and browse their selection.
There is not just something for everyone there are many somethings!
You can check out their Facebook,  SLACKGIRL Website, Flickr and their MP store!


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