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While looking in my inventory for some applier pants or underwear to coordinate with out fit for  previous post, I found I really didn't have any to speak of so off to MP I went! I scroll for a bit and see the perfect pair of Leather and Lace pants to suit my outfit. At closer inspection I decide to grab it for only 50L and I was delighted with it!
I had to review right away and sent the owner a link of my blog with her pants included.

 She graciously gave me some more items to blog about and my esteem for her work grew. Rarely with appliers I have not even been able to tell where the seems meet! Scarlet does this effortlessly. I tried on her Leather and Cotton Leggings, Leather Leggings and Cotton leggings.

You will not be disappointed with her leggings at all! Serious high quality work. Scarlett puts a lot of time and effort into her work and it clearly shows through! I also tried her Burberry Winter Outfit. This was adorable! I matched it with a few of the leggings. My alt ValkyrieFringe and I wore a few style together to show you the versatility of the outfit.

So if your still wondering where to get these and so much more click here to her Marketplace Store!
Scarlett Designs has high quality at reasonable prices! Happy Shopping!

Mesh Head: Catwa Catya



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