Sampling of The Must Grabs from The Grab Event!

As much as all these items deserve their own post but I felt it important that you have advance notice of some of the fantastic items awaiting you at The Grab Event! You will want to keep eye out and make sure you do not leave without these items! The Grab Event opens on the 28th

The Grab Event has so much to offer including this dress from KOM. Take a look at the details on the arms and the fabric moves as if made of silk. This will be a must have on your list of what to Grab at The Grab Event!
 Emozione has some wonderful poses for men, women and couples. Here are 3 I partially liked!
The dress is from Have Unequal and see previous post for more info!

Wonderful outfits including this one from NyDesign

 Another NyDesigns Item!
Reflex has an amazing lighthouse that comes in an off sim version as well as land use. It comes scripted as well. Plus has on offer many wonderful items to complete that look for your home and garden!

 Fantastic boots from Macbeth! A special rare gacha prize for The Grab Event! Get them now after event they will be gone!
Skin: Amara Beauty Justine and Antonia (flash sale on now!)


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