Roped Passions: Jewelry for your feet!

It is almost time for summer and why bother with shoes when you can wear some jewelry for your Feet. Now Roped Passions has got you covered, no matter what your personal style is. Everyone will find a pair the love, no matter if they like pretty things or a darker edgy look. Roped Passions will have you putting your best foot forward!

These are just 2 of that is available to you! There is more in store so go look! Those wishing a darker edgy look will love the Nalani Rune as well as the magically inclined will. Not only do you get the jewelry for feet but it comes with earrings, Bracelet and Rings as well as a lovely necklace.

The Leaf Lullaby is perfect for the Fae or Elvin as well as those wishing to create a bit of enchantment with their look. Add to it Canadians will love wearing the red color on July 1ST! It comes in 8 colours total so everyone will find their favorite. I loved the sexy feel it added to my look.

 Happy Canada Day!

Mesh Body: Maitreya
Skin: Belleza Jordan


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