Reign's Chanel's Closet is a Dream Come True!

Reign had done great with their Gacha items for the Chanel's Closet! This closet is every fashionistas dream come true. Best yet it is Mod! It is primmy (close to 300) but its worth every one and if you need to, you can unlink a few items as I did so your husband stops shaking his head at you.

I went in edit and selected face and tinted the walls to reflect my personal tastes and you can too! Just be careful as it is a rare, no copy item, so it could be pricy to replace. The Dresses and fur coats are stylish and fun. The Rare 2 looks cute but I haven't found one yet. Plus those strappy heels are to die for! Ok, I prefer to live and then just wear them everywhere!!

The dress is very short and to my shock I found I do not own Maitreya Stockings, Leggings, underwear or pantyhose. A quick trip to MP found me these Leather and Lace leggings from Scarlett Designs.  I will need to stock up on my appliers!

Here are some pictures on me in my new favorite spot to relax. Nope, I don't want to get out of the closet just yet. It still has that new shoe smell!

 My shoe chairs from Roawenwood's Gacha fit in nicely!


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