New Avatar Advice Series - Part 1

Before the mesh bodies and heads came to be, it used to be a lot easier to look half decent starting out. Now its a little more difficult to be on a level playing field. Luckily there are many stores and creators who have made it easier.

One spot you will want to visit is Fab free in SL which has an under 30 days list
Another is Marketplace. There you can find many items cheap or free.
(Apologies to the fellas as I have limited experience in male items.)
Ladies, next you will want to join the Lara Hurley group and collect the free gifts which really is an amazing gift to new and old avatars! The best part is the group is free, so ideal for new avatars.

Next you will want to find some decent clothes to wear. Lucky chairs, Midnight Mania and other promotions like that.

Here is a couple places to get you started.

There are more and I will update this list as I find them.

To learn more about SL and how to do practically everything and everything go to Builder's brewery to learn how to build and more!

This will give you some time to explore and get to know SL. Once you have L to spend you can research mesh bodies and heads to see which appeal to you most. There is many different types so grab demos and see what feels like you.

I will do a post on Mesh bodies and Heads at a later date. In mean time I would suggest you watch some of Strawberry Singh's videos. she has everything from explaining intro to sl to updates on Maitreya body or opening up loot boxes and other subscriptions or events. Click here for her YouTube channel and here for her blog.


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