Blueberry - Breeanya

I want to take a moment and reflect on the person this dress was named for. She was a bubbly and classy lady. I am glad I had the pleasure of knowing her and I regret not spending more time with her before she passed away.

I remember playing many games of Greedy or Cards against humanity with her and enjoying her vibrant personality. I loved how although she didn't really know what Doctor Who was she accepted my silly gifts I made with kindness and good humour. I regret that we both got busy with our sl lives and didn't chat as much as I now wish we had.

 I know she would of loved this dress and I am so happy Blueberry chose to honour her this way.
So when you wear this amazing dress' know that an amazing lady once was a part of many peoples lives in SL and she will be missed. Spare some kind thoughts to those grieving her loss and cherish those you care about. Perhaps if you haven't talked to a friend in a while reach out and say hello. I wish I had.

Thank you Blueberry for honouring Bree this way and for your lovely dress that fits beautifully to my Maitreya body and providing many variations even in the singles. I would say it maybe your best work but all your items I have bought are the highest quality.


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