Last Week Of SOS Festival

The SOS Festival ends April 1. You have in till then to check it out and take advantage of great offers from over a 150 designers and creators. We have Raffles to win some amazing prizes including an entire house! Check below for the photos!
You will also see the Gacha garden. It is impossible to walk by without giving 1 or 12 a try. If that wasn't already enough we have the One OF A Kind auction. Where you can find some amazing items and you will have the only copy should you win!

While we are having a blast shopping and seeing all the amazing items these 5 sims hold it is important to take a visit to the SOS headquarters and get to know MSF/DWB for which we are raising money for.  Watch the sobering video of how they effect change in areas that are in desperate need of their services.
Now to end on a bright note We have raised nearly 2 Million Lindens for them. Help us shoot past that total and allow these good people to keep doing what they do best and make the world a better place. Click here for Slurl to this amazing event!

Earring I got from Gacha. Semi-Precious!


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